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Filing US Taxes While Living Overseas

TAX AUDIT on grunge world mapIf you’re a US citizen or Green Card Holder working or living outside the United State, the rules and regulations for filing income tax (U.S.) return and paying expected taxes are normally the same whether you live in America or abroad. You should be well aware of that fact that you’ll be taxed, no matter where you live. However, you may still qualify for a Foreign Earned Income Exclusion program.

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Should I File US Income Tax Return Even If I Live Abroad?

If you lived abroad during the Tax Year and thinking whether you should file US tax return, check your filing status. If it’s close to the amount you’re earning outside, you must file a Tax Return.

For all US resident aliens and citizens, there’re four things that determine whether you should file a Tax Return;

  • Total amount of income you earned while working abroad
  • Filing status
  • Age
  • If you’re a reliant on another US taxpayer

Below are a couple of important things you should report if you live outside the United States;

Foreign income tax preparation

First off, you would need to convert your income into US dollars. This will help you estimate the exact amount of your income you earned while living /working outside the United States.

Gross income

It includes all of your income you earned throughout the tax year, including services, goods, money, self-employment earnings, and property that isn’t tax-free.

If you earned a specific income for work while working in the United States, you must mention that income as US source income. If you’re having trouble determining the amount you earned while living/working in the United States or Abroad, you could determine the amount using the specific method suggested by the IRS or avail services for an expert.

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