Wage Garnishment

Wage Garnishment

expert advice word cloudOur wage is something that we deserve to get wholly as we’ve worked so hard for it. However, there’re instances where it may be garnished. If you’ve stopped paying taxes or have a judgment from the court against your tax debt, you’re subject to wage garnishment.

To make it easy, you can ask your employer to give certain wage percentage until you’ve fully paid off.

 Is it Illegal?

Wage garnishment is a legal process. Meaning to say, your paycheck cannot be withheld by just anyone except IRS. However, it often happens that taxpayers are not informed about their wage that has been garnished until they have seen they have received their paychecks.

If you are lucky to have a good employer, then he/she will inform you about it after they have been informed by IRS. Also, the certain exempt amount from it would then be paid to you. Such amount would be based on the personal exemptions number you are allowed to have and the standard deduction.

On the other hand, your employer need not worry about how to know the exempt amount for your wage garnishment as IRS would mail them a PDF file that would allow them to know how much money from your wage would be given to them and how much from it would be given to you.

Also, when you receive a bonus from your employer, then it would all be given to IRS for the term wages also includes different forms of services compensation such as bonus, commissions, fees and other similar items. In addition to that, if in case you are paying child support, then you can also ask for it to be included in the exempt amount that your employer would then take into account.

Green Tree Tax Provides All-inclusive Help and Support

Wondering why your employer would do it? It’s when they didn’t comply with wage garnishment required by IRS. For example, they can levy against mutual funds, stocks, social security, and others. On the other hand, it would be stopped if you’ve made an arrangement for the payment of your overdue taxes.  It could also be stopped when you have paid it off completely or the levy has been dismissed.

If in case you thought you can no longer do anything about your wage garnishments, then you are wrong. In fact, you can protest against it legally as well. The only thing that you need to do is to seek help from a professional company like Green Tree Tax.

We work directly with IRS and can help you make a payment arrangement that both of you would surely agree on. With our help, rest assured that there’s a high chance of it being lifted because we’re really good at.

Contact us today if you have problems with your wage garnishment!