Tax Amendments

Let’s say you make a mistake on your tax return! then what?

If you make a mistake on a tax return you’ve already filed, the IRS permits you to accurate the one’s mistakes by using submitting an amended tax go back. If the correction outcomes is an increase in the quantity of tax you owe, it’s to your benefit in amending your taxes, which will keep you away from interests and penalties on the underpayment.

make a tax amendments

So When to file the tax amendments?

The Internal Revenu Service permits you to report an amended tax return only to fix and correct your filing status, how many dependents you claim, your gross profits and to add or lower a number of deductions and credits you report on that year’s tax return. If your original tax return has been filed correctly but includes math errors, there is no need to redo and file an amended return. The IRS regularly tests and check the returns to ensure mathematical accuracy. In the occasions IRS finds math mistakes,  in your return, it automatically recalculates your return. The IRS will notify you in writing of any recalculation and its effect to your tax bill or refund. Keep in mind when you file your return with Green Tree Tax we assure the accuracy of your return 100%.  We’ll do the hard work, so you’ll be sure there wouldn’t be any errors in process of doing your amended return.

So how long time there is to file the tax amendments?

We can help you surely, but indeed there is a limited time to amend a return otherwise Internal Revenu Service will not accept your return. This need to be completed no the later of 3 years from the original due date of the tax return, or 3 years from the date you actually file if after the tax deadline or within years of paying tax for that year. for example, in case you file your 2016 tax return on March 15, 2017, then you have until April 15, 2020, to get your amended tax return back to the IRS.

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