Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief

Nowadays, there are many married taxpayers who choose a joint tax return because it gives a lot of benefits. Even though they got divorced, they will be individually and jointly responsible for paying their tax liability, penalties, and interest. For example, a former spouse will be responsible for paying for an amount though the joint returns are previously filed. Furthermore, the latter partner will be obliged to pay tax even though it is being earned by the other. In connection to this, there is an innocent spouse relief that can help relieve you from penalties, tax, and interests.

What is an innocent spouse relief?

An innocent spouse relief is the original one that is being offered by the IRS. When you need to request relief from a person, you must have filed joint tax returns with him/her. You also have to prove that there are errors in it for you to qualify. Nevertheless, you must have a reliable, trustworthy, and professional service provider so that you can get your expected services. Once you are able to choose one of the best and the most dependable group of lawyers, you can prove to IRS that you are not liable to pay related taxes in your joint returns.

Innocent Spouse Relief is typically considered as an escape clause that will free you from a tax liability that was created by your partner who falsely reported revenues, credits or deductions. To qualify for the Innocent Spouse Relief, the US government that is responsible for collecting tax has strict guidelines about the filing circumstances, supporting documentation, etc. This kind of resolution will be best handled by a well-equipped tax professional. Once you are able to choose the one that best suits your unique needs, they can provide the most excellent legal service on your part.

Rules on applying for Innocent Spouse Relief

  • You do not know that the tax liability takes place.
  • All or some amount of the tax debt in your joint tax returns must be your partner’s responsibility.
  • It is unfair and unjust when you are responsible for paying for the tax debt owed by your liable partner.

Benefits of Innocent Spouse Relief

Once you are able to choose the best tax professional in the country, you will experience and enjoy a wide variety of benefits you deserve. You will lessen your tax liability. With a qualified company of layers, they will prove that you do not have the responsibility to pay the tax debt. As a result, you can save and have enough amount of money to allot to other important things. You will have the peace of mind that all your rights are protected at all times.

When you work with well-equipped tax experts like Green Tree Tax, we can ensure you of experiencing the best legal service you deserve. We have a team of licensed yet friendly lawyers whom you can reckon on when you need the Innocent Spouse Relief. So, work with us before it’s too late. You can experience a big relief regarding your tax liability as well.