Draft an Opetrating Agreement

The Importance of Understanding Operating agreement or Bylaws

operating agreementOnce you have created your Limited Liability Company. Now you should have LLC Operating Agreement or Bylaws to define your organization’s operating terms and help to protect your legal right and responsibilities.

With a written Operating Agreement, you will be ready to get to operate your business. It is still advisable for the owners to create an Operating Agreement or Bylaws because it also helps guard the LLC’s limited liability protection and avoid financial and management issues.

Our Role in Operating Agreement or Bylaws:

We at Green Tree Tax are the professional organization that supports, enhance and promotes your business. Our company can draft the document and also inform you on how the Operating Agreement or Bylaws will function in your company.  Also we will answer any question you may have regarding the different clauses.

More about Operating Agreement or Bylaws:

Operating Agreement or Bylaws is the agreement between shareholders & members (LLC owners) regarding how the company must be governed. An Operating Agreement is a term used for an LLC, while corporations have Bylaws.

These documents are important because they provide a process to communicate issues regarding the affairs of the company. It also handles any disputes between owners, directors, officers and managers.

Contents of Operating (By Law) Agreement:

It includes the rule and regulation that governs your corporation. Some other details, corporate bylaws generally contain:

  • The structure of the business
  • The duties and responsibilities of members
  • Details about the board of directors
  • Information about when and where directors and shareholders meeting will be held.

Does your LLC (An owner) need an operating agreement?

Although most state’s LLC requires a written Operating Agreement or Bylaws. You should consider starting a business with it. Following are reasons why it is necessary.

  • Operating Agreement or Bylaws create rules that govern how profits will be split up, how major business decisions will be made, and the procedures for handling the departure and addition of members.
  • It helps to ensure that courts will respect your personal liability protection by showing that you have been conscientious about organizing your LLC as a legitimate business.
  • Allows you to create your own operating rules rather than being governed by the default rules in your state’s LLC laws, which might not be to your benefit.
  • It helps to prevent misunderstandings between the owners over finances and management.

In Case of Share sales:

Operating Agreement or Bylaws of an LLC can provide members the right that state law does not grant them. In many states, members may not be able to sell their shares in the LLC unless the Operating Agreements specifically allows them to do so.

The members will not be able to get their investment capital back from the LLC without completely disbanding it if this option is not available.

Our Completion Time:

Within 7 business/working days and depending on specification of business

Why Green Tree Tax?

Green Tree Tax have helped many clients to draft documents such as Operating Agreements. We take a personal approach with each client to ensure the needs are met. We will make sure your documents fits your corporation needs specifically. You will never face any financial and management misunderstanding alone. Our professionals are ready to tackle and solve your business problems.