CPA in Houston

Financial services from CPA in Houston

CPA in HoustonYour certified public accountant (CPA in Houston) offers you and your company with a full range of financial advisory services. We will help you with these services: 


  • The lowest possible taxes and helping you keep most of what you make.
  •   Investing to earn satisfactory profits.
  •   Accurate records keeping and reporting filing.
  •  Solving business problems.
  •  Applying financial reporting and auditing for the purpose of making sound business decisions.
  •  Achieve maximum profits for your business.
  •  Communicating with other government agencies and industry experts.
  •  Planning your assets to achieve your aspirations and reduce tax costs.

The financial statements and audit

A CPA in Houston can prepare and oversee the preparation of financial statements. The compilation, review or audited financial statements can be provided to suit your needs. Helping you use the statements in your business management and increasing your profitability is an important aspect of the CPA service for you.

Financial and estate planning 

CPA Houston is your financial advisor, working with you to increase your wealth and planning for you to cut estate taxes. A Total program includes an analysis of net worth, investments reviews, family gifts, trusts, retirement plans and transfers of family business, is available to help you maximize the benefits for you and your heirs. 

Tax Planning and preparation 

Your Houston CPA prepares all the necessary declarations to ensure that you do not pay more tax than necessary. Throughout the year, the CPA monitors changes in tax regulations that affect you, and recommend tax savings strategies and serves as an adviser on tax issues.


Review investment

CPA Houston acts as the voice of reason for your investment ideas and suggests the best structure maximize profits after tax.

Business problem-solving

When starting a business, your CPA helps you choose the right organizational structure and ensures adequate financing. Your CPA works with you and your bankers, lawyers, insurance agents, and other advisors to solve your business problems. CPA helps with loan applications, pricing, credit policies, cash flow, cost control and other business needs. If you have financial problems which the CPA cannot solve, you will be referred to a specialist for help.

Recording and reporting

Your Houston, Texas CPA accounting systems are designed to suit your business and personal financial matters. CPA also prepares payroll reports, journals, books, and reports to state and federal agencies.

IRS tax problems

IRS tax problems are a vital area of service of our firm. We specialize in helping companies and individuals who are facing IRS problems. We represent our clients and deal directly with the IRS and, if necessary, recommend a lawyer to represent our clients in situations where there is the need for legal assistance.


Green Tree Tax Firm guides you in these other areas.

  •  Non-profit organizations.
  •  Closed held companies.
  •  Sales and acquisitions
  •  Purchasing decisions.
  •  Business assessment.
  • Sale and acquisition of real estate.
  •  The projections, estimates, targets.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Tax shelter analysis.
  •  Inventory Management Systems.
  •  Buying and selling equipment.
  • *Office systems and Control.
  •  Sharing Pension and Profit.


CPA has to demonstrate professional competence in meeting the standards of education and experience in the accounting profession, pass a strict uniform, national exam and meet the requirements of state licensing and continuing education.


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